Ingenious Minds Consultants make it a point that the team is always updated and well versed with the latest technologies and developments. Our aim is to provide the best support to our clients in terms of technology. We employ experts in all the technical fields having the expertise to handle projects based on the various popular modern technologies.

ribbon1 Oracle & Oracle Apex

What has kept Oracle alive and thriving in the market is their continuous development and implementation of new and better modifications without phasing out the old tools. Oracle no doubt is the leader when it comes to database management system and creation of applications and software based on database. Its easy to use, secured, and compact database is the best option available and is even used by the top banks in the world. The Oracle Apex is one of the finest web application development tools which has indeed revolutionised the web application development process. It is the best choice for those who wish to implement the Oracle database in their system.

ribbon1 Jquery HTML & CSS

One of the most powerful Java tools which allows the handling and manipulation of HTML documents or CSS documents with ease is the Jquery. Jquery is one of the most versatile tools when it comes to working with a number of various web app development languages and the easy to use API which works well across multiple browsers makes the preferred choice while web development.

ribbon1 LESS CSS

While CSS is one of the most popular web development tools, LESS has certainly left its mark in the developer community. It is, however, just CSS with additional mixins, variables, nestled rules and operations. The best part is, one need not even change the CSS coding as all of these are supported by LESS. LESS works both on the client and as well as the server end.

ribbon1 Angular JS

Angular JS is perfect for the dynamic web apps creation. It is the structural framework and let the developer extend the HTML’s syntax to efficiently express the components of the application. It also reduces the codes needed to do so.

ribbon1 Node JS

Node JS is the open source runtime environment which works both on the server side as well as for the networking applications. It works across a large number of platforms which includes Microsoft Windows, OS X, NonStop, Linux, FreeBSD, and IBMi.

ribbon1 Magento

The open source system for management of content on various e-commerce websites has become one of the most used systems for the purpose globally. The e-commerce has created a big impact and creation of e-commerce platforms have become a necessity for almost every product and service provider. Use of Magento gives them the power of modification based on their personal needs.

ribbon1 PHP

For long PHP has been ruling the market of web development. This open source program has high compatibility and can be easily embedded into a number of other systems and languages, such as the HTML. It is one of the most popular web development languages currently in the market.

ribbon1 iOS

The iOS is a popular name, thanks to the high popularity of Apple devices globally. iOS development is also one of the most important part of mobile app development. Since a large number of consumers have moved to using the iPhone, which runs exclusively on iOS, the need of the iOS mobile app development has become a real scenario for those who wish to connect with the clients and the prospective clients seamlessly through the Smartphone apps.

ribbon1 Android

Google’s response to the iOS has been the launch of the Android Smartphone OS. It is open source and can be used across a variety of mobiles and platforms. While speaking of the Smartphone user community, the entire community is majorly divided into the Android and iOS users, making Android app development one of the most important aspects for mobile marketing.

ribbon1 BigData

Many major corporate organizations are at a loss of how to handle the massive amount of data – both structured and unstructured, so as to draw rational conclusions out of them and use the data to increase business and profit. BigData solution does just that. The majority of the world business organizations are today seeking its aid to get ahead in the competition. Our developers are well versed in all of the above technical aspects and with our help you will be able to successfully implement the benefits of the above technologies into your business.