This year Rathyatra will be observed on Sunday, 25th of June. Ratha Yatra is a noteworthy Hindu celebration related with Lord Jagannath (symbol of Lord Vishnu) held at Puri in India amid the times of June or July. The 3 divinities, Lord Jagannath, his senior sibling Lord Balabhadra and their sister Subhadra are adored inside the sanctuary, on this celebration they are rioted of Puri so that everybody can have the fortune to see them. The 3 divinities make a yearly excursion to their close relative’s sanctuary (Gundicha Temple), 2 km far from Lord Jagannath temple.
The Jagannath Temple in Puri is one among the four most consecrated sanctuaries in India. The other three are: Rameshwaram in south, Dwarika in west and Badrinath in north. The celebration starts with the summoning function in the morning and the chariot pulling on the streets of Puri in evening is the most energizing piece of the celebration. The 3 divinities have 3 distinct chariots – the chariot of Lord Jagannath, Nandighosa, has 18 haggles 45.6 feet high, the chariot of Lord Balabhadra, Taladhwaja has 16 haggles 45 feet high and the chariot of Subhadra, Devadalana has 14 haggles 44.6 ft high. Consistently the wooden sanctuaries like chariots are built recently. The symbols of these three divinities are additionally made of wood and they are religiously supplanted by new ones in like clockwork.  
Calcutta Rath Yatra celebration is the primary party of the Monsoon season and for the most part falls in late June or early July. Rathyatra celebration of Kolkata, India is devoted to Jagannath, a symbol of Vishnu. It is on this day that parades are led by the ISKON. Kalighat goes about as a stage where the symbols of Jagannath’s chariot offer like genuine hot cakes on this day. Kids decorate their chariots with blossoms. In the chariots, they keep the earth pictures of Jagannath, his sibling Balaram and sister Subhadra. Rathayatra is commended to stamp the start of gather season. It is attributable to this reality that it is viewed as an exceptionally propitious time. This celebration is of prime significance in towns and towns.