Oracle Apex

Oracle Application Express, better known as Oracle APEX, is among the most preferred application development tools in the current market. Formerly known as HTML DB, this is among the strongest and easiest tools aiding rapid web application development using the Oracle database.

Why do I need Oracle APEX?

This is the question in front of many who do not understand the true power of Oracle APEX and have been suggested by a number of web application developers to do so. You might have come across some points marked as “Disadvantages of using Oracle APEX”, which probably you did not understand a bit, but let me assure you, these disadvantages are not something that you will ever have to worry about. They are from the programmers’ point of view and will be taken care of by the developer, in this case, by our team of dedicated Oracle APEX developer team. As a user or owner of the final application all you need to know are the following points –

  • Database and application, all under one hood. Better control and easy complete backup can be taken.
  • File-based applications and spreadsheets are all centralised.
  • Completely configurable and best security features. Authentication and authorization support available, along with other fine security features.
  • It one of the cheapest solutions to building any database dependent web application.

How Oracle APEX helps your business?

If you have been in business for long, you must have come across Oracle E-Business Suite. It is certainly a boon for all businessmen, however, what happens when you want a little more out of it? Some simple modifications will take care of the basic needs, but, in order to implement specialised features which are targeted towards bettering customer experience and better control over the database Oracle APEX is the only solution. Applications developed with the help of Oracle APEX can be integrated easily with the Oracle database and the Oracle E-Business Suite offering a new horizon of spectacular opportunities that will provide your business an edge over your competitors.

How can IMC help?

Ingenious Minds Consultants Pvt. Ltd. offers you the combined expertise of the finest Oracle APEX developers in the industry. We have a dedicated team to look after all your needs at a competitive rate. With us you can rest assured to find the perfect solution for your business and commercial application needs.