About Us

Ingenious Minds Consultants is one of the best Information Technology and consultation service provider in India. Headquartered in Kolkata, India, IMC has its business spread across the globe, with a majority of its clients originating from various sectors in USA.

Ingenious Minds Consultants was set up in 2012 with an aim to bring the best of Information Technology and related services to the market, which include, web development, web designing, web application development, ecommerce website development and designing, mobile application development, bespoke software development and other technical consultation service. Keeping this in mind, we brought together the best of professionals in the industry having over a decade of experience in providing excellent customer support and service to set up this organization, which today ranks among the top IT & ITES and consultation service provider in the country.

Our commitment has always been to provide top quality service to our clients and create a long term sustainable relationship with them. With a rich portfolio containing some of the best organizations from a number of countries, we are confident about our progress towards achieving that objective.

Ingenious Minds Consultants is one of the few website, software and web application development, and mobile application development companies in India that has implemented the ICT technology. The technology is globally accepted for providing one of the best means of communication between service provider and clients, maintaining the transparency of the communication and aiding better interaction.

Ingenious Minds Consultants’ vision is to gain the customer satisfaction by providing all forms of IT and IT related services and solutions that meet the client’s needs. We strive to be a part of the growth process of our clients. What sets Ingenious Minds Consultants apart from the rest is that short term benefits are never our aim. We always try to partner our client through their growth process. It is keeping this vision in mind, that we provide exclusive consultation service to each and every one of our client and help them make the best choice and take the best decision regarding meeting their IT related needs, like, bespoke software development, or ecommerce website development, mobile app development, or any other web application development.

Ingenious Minds Consultants is not limited to providing website, application and software services; our experts provide excellent training and consultation to the organizations which need to migrate from the offline to the online digital media and have to convert every resource to fit the bill. We efficiently understand the problems associated with change and our professionals are well experienced in handling such issues to ensure smooth transition. Ingenious Minds Consultants also help with the implementation of special systems which aids the overall performance and efficiency of the organizations.

With Ingenious Minds Consultants you gain the combined knowledge and expertise of professionals hailing from different domains at one place. We are your one stop shop for every IT & ITES and consultation service requirements.