• Ramadan
    Ramzan is the ninth month as per Islamic Lunar timetable, It will begun in the evening of Friday (26th may) and will end at Saturday (24th June). Ramzan (composed as Ramadan) is gotten from the Arabic root word “ramida” or “arramad” that implies serious burning warmth and dryness, particularly of the ground. Ramadan is purported to show the warming sensation in the stomach thus of thirst. Fasting (The fast is proposed to convey the loyality to God and to help them to remember the anguish of those less blessed.) amid Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam, alongside the Muslim revelation of confidence, day by day supplication, philanthropy, and playing out the hajj journey in Mecca. Muslims are likewise urged to watch the five day by day devotion on time and to utilize their downtime just before breaking their fast at dusk to recount Quran and heighten recognition of God. The ending of Ramadan is set apart by extraordinary love as Muslims try to have their worships being replied amid “Laylat al-Qadr” or “the Night of Destiny.” It is on this night, which falls amid the most recent 10 evenings of Ramadan, that Muslims trust that God sent the Angel Gabriel to the Prophet Muhammad and uncovered the main verses of the Quran. The climax of Ramadan is commended by a three-day occasion called Eid al-Fitr. Kids frequently get new garments, endowments, and money.
  • Rathyatra
    This year Rathyatra will be observed on Sunday, 25th of June. Ratha Yatra is a noteworthy Hindu celebration related with Lord Jagannath (symbol of Lord Vishnu) held at Puri in India amid the times of June or July. The 3 divinities, Lord Jagannath, his senior sibling Lord Balabhadra and their sister Subhadra are adored inside the sanctuary, on this celebration they are rioted of Puri so that everybody can have the fortune to see them. The 3 divinities make a yearly excursion to their close relative’s sanctuary (Gundicha Temple), 2 km far from Lord Jagannath temple.
    The Jagannath Temple in Puri is one among the four most consecrated sanctuaries in India. The other three are: Rameshwaram in south, Dwarika in west and Badrinath in north. The celebration starts with the summoning function in the morning and the chariot pulling on the streets of Puri in evening is the most energizing piece of the celebration. The 3 divinities have 3 distinct chariots – the chariot of Lord Jagannath, Nandighosa, has 18 haggles 45.6 feet high, the chariot of Lord Balabhadra, Taladhwaja has 16 haggles 45 feet high and the chariot of Subhadra, Devadalana has 14 haggles 44.6 ft high. Consistently the wooden sanctuaries like chariots are built recently. The symbols of these three divinities are additionally made of wood and they are religiously supplanted by new ones in like clockwork.  
    Calcutta Rath Yatra celebration is the primary party of the Monsoon season and for the most part falls in late June or early July. Rathyatra celebration of Kolkata, India is devoted to Jagannath, a symbol of Vishnu. It is on this day that parades are led by the ISKON. Kalighat goes about as a stage where the symbols of Jagannath’s chariot offer like genuine hot cakes on this day. Kids decorate their chariots with blossoms. In the chariots, they keep the earth pictures of Jagannath, his sibling Balaram and sister Subhadra. Rathayatra is commended to stamp the start of gather season. It is attributable to this reality that it is viewed as an exceptionally propitious time. This celebration is of prime significance in towns and towns.
  • Popularity of IPv6
    IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) it is basically an upgrade of version IPv4 is also called IPng (Internet Protocol next generation), the IP address has been stretched to 128 bits from 32 bits ,This extension anticipates considerable future growth of the Internet and provides relief for shortage of network addresses as the address space allowed by IPv4 is saturating. IPv6 highlights include:
    • • 1280-byte parcel size is bolstered by it (without discontinuity).
    • • Moves discretionary information to IPv6 augmentation headers.
    • • Uses Multicast Neighbor Solicitation messages to determine IP locations to connection layer addresses.
    • • Uses Multicast Listener Discovery (MLD) messages to oversee participation in nearby subnet gatherings.
    • • Uses ICMPv6 Router Solicitation and Router Advertisement messages to decide the IP address of the best default door.
    • • Supports source and goal addresses that are 128 bits (16 bytes) in length.
    • • Requires IPSec bolster.
    • • Uses Flow Label field to distinguish parcel stream for QoS taking care of by switch.
    • • Allows the host to send parts parcels however not switches.
    • • In the header Checksum is excluded.
    • • Uses a connection neighborhood scope all-hubs multicast address.
    • • Manual setup or DHCP are not required for the more up to date form.
    • • Uses have address (AAAA) asset records in DNS to guide have names to IPv6 addresses.
    • • Uses pointer (PTR) asset records in the IP6.ARPA DNS area to outline

    IPv4 all alone does not give any security highlight. Information must be encoded with some other security application before being sent on the Internet. Information prioritization in IPv4 is not forward. In spite of the fact that IPv4 has a couple of bits held for Type of Service or Quality of Service, however they don’t give much usefulness. IPv4 empowered customers can be arranged physically or they require some address setup instrument. It doesn’t have a system to arrange a gadget to have all around interesting IP address.


    Test your IPv6 connectivity from the link given above it will show you whether IPv6 is detected or not as per your current ISP (Internet Service Provider), if not this means the current configuration is not useful for browsing IPv6 web sites in such case you are immediately required to contact your ISP to configure as per the new internet protocol standard.


    • IP address: – Rather than IPv4 gadget will have an IPv6 address, aside from length and marginally variation appearance everything is indistinguishable
    • Subnet Mask: – There are two distinct documentations while subnetting for the new form, it is revamped utilizing cut and a number that opposes the veiling. When somebody enter in the address it will naturally will change into hexadecimal number and will be unmistakable amidst the address
    • Gateway Address :– It will assigned remembering how activity can be directed of the current subnet , if one of a kind residential location utilized as a part of IPv6 then in such case address can’t be steered on the web. Address determination convention (ARP) is super surrendered with neighbor revelation convention (NDP).

  • Cloud Computing is really a secured stuff?

    Cloud computing is all about storing, managing and processing data with the help of several remote servers hosted on the internet fulfilling the requirements of computing resources online ranging from applications to data centers, this is more time saving and convenient for users who always risk of losing important data from hard drive due to power failure or other probable reasons causing the damage.

    Few examples

    1. Software as a service (SaaS)when a application is subscribed for business purposes it is accessed over the internet Think Salesforce.com a place where applications are being customized as per requirement of that particular organization which is easily obtainable by everyone within that organization.
    2. Infrastructure as a service Top companies who provides backbone for cloud support is being rented out by several companies for e.g. we enjoy the service of the Netflix since it is a customer of cloud services at Amazon.
    3. Microsoft Office 365 it deploys a form of cloud computing for storage i.e. Microsoft One Drive.
    4. Google drive it work with cloud apps like Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. It is available in almost all gadgets like tablets, ipad, smart phones, palmtop etc there is a separate apps for docs and sheets hence it is always organized.
    5. Apple I cloud its main purpose is for online storage, backup, and synchronization of mail, contacts, calendar and more. Windows users have to install the iCloud control panel it offers cloud based versions of word processors, spreadsheets & presentations for use for those who subscribed it.
    6. Amazon Cloud Drive it primarily stores music and images, unlimited storage is allowed for premium users.

    Cloud Hardware

    Chrome book is the perfect example of cloud-centric device that has enough local storage and power and power to run the chrome OS it turns a web browser into an operating system, chrome bit is a portable version that can turn any display with a HDMI port but without connection it has got no value.



      Recent revelations focus on the fact that federal government taps into the files of internet search engines, email and cloud service providers. No one can fully guarantee regarding the encryption of data, Internet giants such as Google, Microsoft & Yahoo for years have been handing over the data as per request by the government.


    Security measures like Firewall, Antivirus, Multifactor User Authentication, and Data Encryption & Routine Security Audits. It is quite mandatory to enquire the cloud providers regarding access of data in the cloud in order to weed out potential cybercriminals or identity thieves. The location and the security of the data centers and servers where companies’ vital information is being stored need to be double checked. Technical support to address any issue being faced by the user should be available online 24*7. Once you choose and sign with a cloud provider next step is to simply login to your user dashboard and begin configuring your account and adding employees as users, It can be accessed from anytime anywhere using any gadgets by just signing into provider client’s login page.