• Eco Grip Zone
    Eco Grip Zone offers premium grade tennis products. We developed and designed their website keeping in view the nature of business and conforming to the aesthetic appeal of the target clients.
  • Global-edu
    Global Village offers educational and extra-curricular teaching to children of various age groups. We designed and developed the website for easier lead generation.
  • Teclaw
    Korakh& Co. is among the most advanced legal firms offering exceptional service to its clients. This website was designed keeping in mind the firm’s motto and work culture.
  • Bketa
    This is a crowd funding website allowing project developers to get in touch with investors. Features: • Bi-lingualCMS crowd funding website – English and Hebrew • Dual user login mode – Project managers and Investors • Project manager can – o Post projects o Declare fund requirement o Set milestone for crowd funding o View status of fund collected for the project o View the investors • Investors can – o View projects posted in real time o Invest in desired project o View project status • Donation happens using inbuilt website portal • Website admin views status of projects posted • Website admin controls the status of project on the website
  • Khampela
    This website was developed for a Thai traditional and other massage service provider. Features: • Content available in Japanese language with a separate page for English content • Informative website describing various Thai massage service provided • Easy and strong CMS allows efficient management of all website content • Registration page linked to third party website
  • kashrut
    The website is developed for restaurant service provider. Features: • The website provides detailed information about the service and content can be changed with ease as and when needed • Contains FAQ section • Contains Blog section with Archive feature • News section provides regular updates • Donation link to third party payment client page