HOLI the festival that renews the enthusiasm of IT Workers
“Basanta utsav” or “Phalgun utsav” is popularly known as Holi. Thisfestival is celebrated in all the parts of India as well as in Nepal. It iscelebrated at the approach of spring season. A festival of colors, itgenerally signifies a victory of good over evil. It is also known as thefestival of love, as in this day everybody get together to sharehappiness and love amongst each other. In this day people forget alltheir problems and also forgive their enemies. From rich to poor, fromyoung to old everybody celebrate this festival with pomp and gaiety.‘Malpuas’, ‘Gujias’ and ‘Thandai’ becomes the blockbusters of the overallfestive appetite of people. ‘Rang’, ‘Gulal’ and ‘Pichkaaris’ becomes thefamily pack of excitement to wake that hidden notorious kid in everygrown up. The excitement and fun of this day can definitely not be removed fromthe busy life schedule of IT workers. These most hard working peoplesomehow get a day off from their work. Holi surely adds a spark intheir lives. In this day they get to meet their friends, spend qualitytime with their loving family members and at the most they get achance to freshen up their inner self. This definitely gives them a newjoy, a new excitement to do their work with great perfection. Holi isnot just festival, it is actually a way to bring people together, to makethem know each other’s worth in their lives, to once again connectpeople to the core of the universe. This day is indeed a blessing forpeople working in IT sections as the joy of this day helps them toforget all their tension related to work and once again enjoy the childlike bliss of life. This is a festival which remains most awaited throughout the year.With colors, love too seems to be in the air. It appears as if God isshowering his blessings on each of us. The entire atmosphere seems tobe intoxicated with love, laughter and colors. Holi altogether brings along list of goodness in our lives. I love Holi and I bet everybody does.