• How Much Professional We Are (IT Companies) During Festive Season?
    Much has been said about the way professionals should act. There are management books, various blogs, and articles, all pointing towards the professionalism that every organization must exhibit. The difference in the business sectors and their operational models have led to varying degree of challenges faced for being most professional among the lot. Among the most challenged is probably the IT Sector in India. Indian IT industry has grown and thrived on the factor that it provides exceptional service to major European and American organizations at a considerably low budget as compared to the native market of these offshore organizations. Besides this, the difference in time zone has also played an important role in this growth process allowing Indian organizations to provide service during the non-working hours in these parts of the world. However, this has created some major challenges for the Indian IT sector to a large extent. Given the cultural difference, there are times when keeping the promise of providing round the clock professional service is a major challenge. With one of the largest festive seasons in India all geared up to set in, the question remains that how professional the IT companies will remain at this time. If we look at the most recent major festival on the calendar, we will find the Durga Puja about to begin in Bengal. With the main festival celebration spreading across a span of five days and the festive mood spilling over a bit more, it is expected that productivity will certainly dip during this time. So, how does the IT sector of Kolkata, the capital of Bengal and also the largest hub of IT companies in the state, planning on keeping up their repute of being professional? A stroll through the Salt Lake Sector V which is essentially the IT Sector of the City of Joy, and the recently developed Rajarhat and New Town area in Kolkata which has already become the address of some of the branches of major IT Service providers and organizations in the city, gives a good idea about the mood of the people working in these regions. From the discussions at the numerous roadside food stalls and tea stalls, it can be said that the puja mood has already set in. there are plans and discussions about shopping and going out during the festival with colleagues or friends. However, I also came across quite aumber of people talking about wrapping up delivery and projects before the Durga Puja break begins. Even though Salt Lake Sector V is home to quite a few major IT giants, it also has a large number of small to medium-sized IT organizations. While the repute of major organizations generally precedes the brand name, it can be said that the other IT organizations do not lack in professionalism in any way. The group leaving the office of Ingenious Minds Consultants Pvt. Ltd. late in the evening were discussing the pending projects that need to be completed before the holidays and also planning an outing from office just before breaking up for the puja. The professionals of Kolkata certainly knows how to enjoy the festival without compromising professionalism.
  • IT and Non-IT Clash
    The debate about which is the most demanding and stressful working environment is pretty common among professionals. In India in particular, the discussion about the work environment and work culture along with comparisons between the working conditions at different organization and the benefits being offered is pretty common. Adding fuel to this discussion is the impending festive season, which is all set to make a grand entrance to the City of Joy. Most of these debates and clash happen between the IT and the Non-IT organizations. While there are a plethora of private organizations which fall under the ambit of IT sector, a big part of non-IT sector organization comprises of the Government organizations and the banking and insurance sector. With the state government in Bengal declaring additional days off for the festive season, the debate is going to get hotter. Those employed in the IT sector, mainly those who are frequenting the Salt Lake Sector V and New Town areas certainly have a tough time balancing their personal and professional life. As Kajal, an employee of Ingenious Minds Consultants Pvt. Ltd., a private IT organization, puts it, “The work pressure is certainly there. It’s much more than that of the Government jobs and there are added responsibilities as well.” The feeling is pretty much the same all through the IT sector. While they are definitely high-paying jobs, there are deadlines to be met and very little scope for error. Additionally, having to take care of projects of off-shore clients, the IT professionals often face situations when they have to work for long hours to ensure delivery of the project in time. The difference in the culture of the client might even threaten to encroach into the festive holidays. However, that’s not the case for all. Pushpendu, colleague of Kajal and working in a different process within the organization mentioned that their company always makes sure that when it’s time for a break, there is no mention of any work. All that has to be done is completed before going for the break. Overtime working might have to be accommodated to ensure that the client’s interest is not compromised because of festival breaks. The non-IT sector employees can hardly counter the argument of having to deal with the excessive workload, especially those who are employed in Government offices. The workload is distributed all over the year making sure nothing disturbs the holidays. The scenario is quite similar across the country where Government job is considered among the most secure and relaxing of all, barring a few specialised jobs at the highest level of administration. However, we must not forget about the other organizations which fall under the ambit of the non-IT sector. Banking, insurance and other marketing and sales related jobs mostly make into this list. Even though most of them have quite relaxing holidays, the workload and responsibilities are there as well. Monthly, quarterly and yearly targets often keep them running about all through the year. The clash between IT and non-IT is one that is going to last long. But, it can be rightly said that professionalism is prevalent in both the segments – whether it is time for festival or not.