How Durga Puja Affects IT Sector In Kolkata?
Durga Puja, the name itself is like a breath of fresh air for any Bengali, no matter where the person is at that moment. The cool morning air, those fluffy looking clouds across the perfect blue sky, and that typical smell all around announcing the arrival of Maa Durga – only a true Bengali can feel it in the heart! It’s that time of the year again. The festive season is almost at the door and as any Bengali would love to say, the “pujo pujo gondho” (smell of the puja) is in the air. It’s time for shopping – getting new clothes and accessories for family, relatives, and certainly for oneself. If you are in Kolkata, the capital of Bengal, at this time of the year, you will witness the entire city changing it’s colour as bamboo structures come up, lights are hung and various colourful creatives adorn the cityscape. It’s festival time! However, all these are just but one shade of the city of joy. The city bears witness to the lives of thousands, belonging to various sections of the society and involved in every array of activities. Among those belonging to the quintessential class of professionals are the ones employed in the IT sector of Kolkata. The IT sector is a community within the larger community of Kolkata which has the most intriguing confluence of western and Kolkata culture. It remains functional throughout the day and with equal gusto. It’s the place where professionalism and celebration coexist with identical fervour. So, what changes during the Durga puja? How does this time of the year make its presence felt within the cubicles of the offices of the high-rises? Let’s take a stroll and find out! As we enter the famous Salt Lake, known for being the locality of the upper and upper-middle class of the society as well as for its Sector V, popularly referred to as the IT sector of the city, the scenario begins to change. While you will certainly find the pandals being constructed in various Sectors of Salt Lake, the Sector V seem to remain completely oblivious to this change in the air. Or, is it really as it seems? As I stop by a roadside tea stall just across the IBM building, I overhear a group of enthusiasts, comprising of about eight people from early 20’s to late 30’s, discussing pujo shopping. My curiosity and nature led me to strike up a conversation about this year’s festive fashion trends and their plans. “I never went by trends. Whatever looks good is my fashion statement!” Snigdha, a developer by profession, was the first to reply. “Fashion trend is mere capitalism. Pujo is all about the celebration of our culture and spreading happiness.” Achintya added. He even mentioned that they have a group which distributes clothes among the financially weak segment of the society. “Pujo mane to khawa, fashion trend diye ki hobe? (Pujo means delicacies, what has fashion trends got to do with it?” Sudipta Majumder, the jovial Co-Founder & Director of Ingenious Minds Consultants Pvt. Ltd., wherein all of the above are employed, was quick to respond. He even mentioned a grand feast at the office on Shoshti just before the festive break, after delivery of the projects in hand. The mood across the IT Sector of Kolkata is pretty much the same, though all these excitements are subdued by professionalism. But, many plan on having night-outs and pandal-hopping across the city after work with colleagues, friends, family or someone special. Kolkata’s IT Sector is definitely all geared up for the Durga puja, but not at the cost of professional commitments. One point can be vouched for; today’s Bengal professionals certainly know how to balance work and entertainment. And, whichever sector a Bengali might be working in, enjoying Durga Pujo is a must!